The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now! Ⅱ

Today, I want to tell you about the shelters for D.V. victim women in Japan.

The shelters are operated by private organizations, and get the administrative subsidy of 20,000yen to 8,000,000yen per year.

1 woman must pay 2000yen to 3500yen for 1night stay. If a woman would stay 7nights and 8days, she must pay 14,000yen to 24,500yen.

1 child's charge for 1 stay is 70~80% of mother's . If a woman and 2children would stay 7night and 8days, she would spend 33,600yen to 63,700 yen.

If 3 mothers and their 6 children would stay in a shelter for 30 days ,the shelter would get 144,000yen to 273,000yen. The shortest period for stay is 2 months. Almost women don't have much money. These charge are payed from women's livelihood. But the livelihood are given after 1 to 2months when the woman applied.

In many cases, if a man and a woman meet again, they are reconciled soon. After only 1week, a woman go backs home, the shelter can not get the charge for stay.

The persons that operate the shelters, are feminism activists, counselors, and lawyers. The place are kept secret from people. The women who escaped from home must sign on a paper to take oath of secrecy.

Everyday, the wives must study about D.V. and feminism. The teachers are the shelter staff, another activists, psychiatrists, lawyers, and counselors.

They brainwash the wives into believing that divorce is good, their husbands are patriachic, their husbands control the wives, their husbands distinction between men and women, their husbands use violence to force the wives to do as told, and someday the husbands will kill their wives, children, wive's parents, sisters, brothers and friends.

In shelter, there are many regulations and rules. The duty of cleaning bath room, living room, the toilet.

The most strict regulation is prohibition adainst the contacting anybody. The wives never can call on telphon their husbands, their parents, their friends, their sisters,their brothers, and their place of work. So, many wives are discharged. Especially, part-time workers are discharged soon.

The wives must leave their celphone, the wallets, the coin purses, cash cards, the credit cards, the health insurance cards, the passports, and the the driving license cards with the shelter staff.

The wives don't have money, so they can not call on the public telephone.

In the shelter there are a public or private telphone, but if a wife wuold call her husband and staff would know about the calling, the staff's attitude wuold change.

The purning voice turns into the angry roars suddenly. The smile becomes grimace.

When the wives call their husbands without letting anybaody notice, the many wives say,
"I'm sorry for my escape. What are you doing now ?",
"I can not tell you the place that I stay in.",
"The people around me are preparing for our divorce, but…"、
"I would get a warning if I contact you.",
"I can not go back home, because the shelter staff watch me closely.",
"Our children can not go to school now."

The children can not go to school, for the mothers staying in the shelters to keep secret of the shelter's place. The reason is that the husband come to use violence and harm the wives, children, and sytaff.

The calling time from wives to husbands is very very short. There are many cases that the wives said oly "Help me", and soon the telephone went dead.

After the staff know the calling, the wife must get strict warning. The wife's children are prohibited to wacth T.V. by shelter staff.

Many wives wanted to give the time to cool off between the wives and husbands only. After the time of cool off, many couples can take good relationship again.

The shelter staff and feminism activists adovocating rescue of the victims under the D.V., never permit the wives to have good relationship with their hubands again. And also the feminism activists cut off all communication or relationship with the wive's and children's world.

And then gradully the wives are brainwashed, so, they think "divorce is good!", "my husband is a murder!", "he controles me!", "he discriminates me!"
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅱ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅲ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅳ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅴ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅵ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅶ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅷ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅸ







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