Destroying Families by Children Welfare, In Japan3

The Children Welfare Consultation Offices are Destroying Famillies in Japan, Now !!

Story of Boy Leona Hara Ⅲ

The Following story is told by the waords of "Leona"
-The Prison Life of Leona

Leona was confined in the room of the house in the mountains and kept away from ordinary society for 1 and a half months in a very cold winter without heating. Takita and Uetani kept watch Leona all the time. Takita gave him only one blanket.

In the house, Uetani( Leona's biogical mother) and Takita stay with Leona, and Uetani's lawye Chan hannyong came to the house 2 to 3 times a week. Takita and Chan talked to Leona every day to brainwash him, and said;
"Your father used violence on you."
"Your father is bad. Your father is a criminal."

Leona opposed these comments every time, and said;
"No, my father is good. My father didn't use violence on me."

When Leona opposed their comments about his father, every time, Chan and Takita struck him with their fists. And then Leona fell down on the floor, they kicked Leona's body, head, or back.

Also, when Leona ask Chan orTakita
"Why don't you permit me to go back to my home where my father lives ?",
again they struck him withtheir fists. And then, when he fell down the floor, they kicked him.

Uetani also stayed at the house and she also struck him with her fists. The main person who used violence against Leona was Takita.

And then, one day, Leona opposed bitterly to their comments about his father. Then, Nobuyuki Takita (DV victim's helper, DV=Domestic Violence) and Chan Hannnyon (Uetani's lawyer) held him in their arms and threw out him out of the window of the upstairs room.

Leona held on to a handrail of the balcony, but soon, he dropped to the ground. He hit the ground hard and hurt his lower back and his legs. For a long time, he could not move because his lower back and his legs hurt so much. But Uetani, Chan, Takita didn't take him to see the doctor.

Chan and Takita told Leona, in a threatening voice,
" If you don't say "My father use violence against me", we will make the police arrest your father."

For this period of the confinement in the house, Uetani, Takita, Chan didn't let Leona go to school.. Also, Uetni spoke boastfully about the fact she took out the subpoenas from his father's home mail-box,

20th December of 2007, about 8:15 A.M., Leona was taken away to the house in the mountains.( He was a grade 5 student of Tastumi No.2 Elementary School, and he was walking on his way to school, ) He was confined for about 1 and a half months in the house.

In February of next year(2008), Uetani, Chan, and Takita moved him to another place that they could confine Leona. The place was an apartment in Edogawa ward of Tokyo. This was Uetani's home. Leona was confined in the appartment again.

Leona was confined in the apartment, he went to Seishin No.3 Elementary school for only 2 weeks. He studied in a special room witout other students.

In Uetani's apartment Leona found the subpoenas addressed to his father from Family Court when he open the filing cabinet.

On 21st March of 2008, Leona's legs and lower back became better, So, he went out shopping with Uetani. In the supermarket, he said to Uetani; "I just go to the toilet."

And then he ran away from Uetani, called his father, and ask him to help. and went back to his father's house, Leona's father took his son to the lawyer that belonged to the organization of "Children Human Rights Number 110". Leona told his story for 4 hours, about the kidnapping, the prison life, the violence by Takita, Chan, Uetani.

The lawyer( a member of "Children Human Rights Number 110" ) who listened Leona's sotory said to Leona and his father;
"Now,just I talked about Leona's sotry with Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office. The officers of Sumida perceived that Uetani, Chan, Takita used violence on Leona."

Also, the lawyer said;
"The staff of Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office want Leona to come to the Sumida Childen Consultation Office and stay in the office office 1 or w days to talk with policeman about the details of the case."

But, on 22nd March of 2008 Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office issued the temporary protection order against Leona and confined him in the temporary protection institution in Shinjuku ward of Tokyo.

When Sumida Office issued the temporary protection order, the staff of Sumida Office said;
“ If Leona says clearly to Uetani that he wants to live his father, he can live with his father after 1 or 2 weeks from today.”

But, soon, Sumida Office sent Leona to an institution named “Carillon”. “Carillon” is operated by “Children Human Rights Number 110”. This institution “Carillon” is entrusted children’s upbringing by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The staff of Sumida Office said to Toyohiko Hara;
“ We want Leona to go back home. But, you don’t have parental rights, so we can’t let him leave.”
But, this is not a good reason, the officers quibbled.

Leona was confined in “Carillon”for about 1 week. Next, Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office sent Leona to the temporary protection institution in Shinjuku ward of Tokyo again. He was confined there for about 2 months.

In the temporary protection institution in Shinjuku, the staff hit Leona when he said;
” I want to go back home.”
The staff often said;
“ Your father used violence on you”
But Leona said always “ No! ”
And the staff hit him.

And then Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office sent Leona to “Nishidai Children House” in Itabashi ward of Tokyo. This institution is also entrusted children’s upbringing by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

In 2008, from April to June, Leona’s father and Leona’s friend demanded Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office to give Leona their letters and let them to meet.
But, the staff of Sumida Office refused all their demands.

On 28th may of 2008, father’s lawyer interviewed Leona. Leona said to the lawyer;
“ I want to return to home as soon as possible. And I want to live with my father.”
The staff of “Nishidai Children House” said to Leona;
“ We told your father that you are staying in Nishidai Children House.” But it was a lie. Leona’s father didn’t know the place that Leona was staying in. The staff of Nishidai and the staff of Sumida told the father nothing.

On 27th August of 2008, Leona escaped from “Nishidai Children House” and came back to the father’s home. Leona told teacher of Shimura Elementary School on telephone;
“ I went back to my father’s house, because I want to live with my father. Please don’t worry.”

On 28th August of 2008, Leona told Shimura Police in Itabashi on telephone;
“ I want go back home. And I want to live my father. Please don’t worry. But now I can’t tell you about the place that we are staying in.”
And father told Shimura Police on another telephone the same story.

On 29th, policeman call Toyohiko Hara( Leona’s father ) and ask the father and Leona to make a voluntary appearance. Shimura Police want to hear about Leona’s story. But, Hara said; “No, we can’t go to police.”

On 30th, Shimura Police officers came to Hara’s home and strongly demanded Hara to go to Shimura Police with Leona. Uetani who had parental rights of Leona and Sumida Welfare Consultation Office asked Shimura Police to arrest Toyohiko Hara for kidnapping. Hara and Leona talked with policemen about the story. And Hara’s innocence was became clear. The policemen recommended Hara and Leona to stay Shimura Police. So, they stayed there the night of the day.
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅰ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅱ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅲ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅳ






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