Destroying Families by Children Welfare, In Japan4

The Children Welfare Consultation Offices are Destroying Famillies in Japan, Now !!

Story of Boy Leona Hara Ⅳ

The Following story is told by the waords of "Leona"
-I want to go back father's home!!

On 30th August of 2008, Shimura Police officers came to Hara’s home and strongly demanded Hara to go to Shimura Police with Leona. Uetani who had parental rights of Leona and Sumida Welfare Consultation Office asked Shimura Police to arrest Toyohiko Hara fir kidnapping. Hara and Leona talked with policemen about the story. And Hara’s innocence had become clear. The policemen recommended Hara and Leona to stay at Shimura Police. So, they stayed there for a night of the day.

Next day, 31th August, the policemen decided to hold a meeting at 9:00AM with the staff of Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office, Hara, and Leona. When Leona heard this plan in the early morning, he was very afraid of the meeting. Because he heard that the staff of the consultation office would come.

Leona heard the policeman;
“Can I go to the convenience store to buy some rice balls.” The policeman permitted him to go. So, he escaped from Shimura Police, but 1 hour later, Leona was found by policemen on the street, and he was caught by them.

Leona and his father were put into the different rooms in the office of Shimura Police. For 4 or 5 hours, Leona( he was 11years old) was crying and shouting;
“ I don’t want to the Children House, I want to live with my father!!”
The father asked the policemen to take him to Leona’s room to calm down his son.

In the room, Leona was surrounded by several officers of Sumida. The officers repeated dozens of times;
“ Go back to the institution !”

And then, the head of Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office came to the room that Leona’s father was put in. The head of Sumida said;
“ Now, we got his consent, so we want to take him to “Nishidai Children House”.

Hara was watched by few policemen in the room, but, he went to his son’s room when he got a chance to go out.

Hara saw his son was crying and shouting;
“ No, no, no!! I didn’t want to go to the Children House!! I want to live with my father. Where is Papa? Papa, Papa, Papa !!!!”

“ Give back my son to me.!!”
Hara tried to help his son. But, some policemen held Hara from moving.
“ We will take your son to the Children House.”
Sumida officers said, and took Leona out of the police office.

Leona repeated;
“ Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, …………”

On 01st September 0f 2008, Leona escaped from Nishidai children’s House and came back to his father’s home again. The father sent him to Toyosu Hospital. Leona call Uetani’s father and mother on public telephone in the hospital, and ask them to persuade to stop Uetani to stop the police searching for Leona. It was a secret that Leona stayed in the hospital.

On 02nd September、The Sumida policeman called Mr. Hara
The police wanted meet him and talk him about the current situation. They said;
“You can decide the time and place where to meet.”
They also said;
“We are only pretending that we are searching for you and your son.”
Hara knew they were lying.
However, He really wanted to tell the police he and Leona are living together.

On 03rd September, so, Hara met the policemen at a lobby of a hotel in the evening. Night, at 8:30, Leona was speaking on the public telephone at the supermarket in front of Toyosu Hospital. Hara was there by the side of him. Leona was asking his teammates of soccer to help.

Suddenly, 9 Shimura Policemen came there, and surrounded the father and his son. One of the policemen held up the 11year old boy easily. And then the policemen took them to the Shimura Police. The policemen followed Hara from the meeting at the hotel.

Soon, Sumida officers came to the Shimura Police, and took Leona away. When the officers left the room, one of them said;
“We must take you to the place that you can’t escape again.”

Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office received a lot of protests on telephone, mail, and fax. Because, I began the campaign for rescue.

On 06th September, Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office didn’t sent Leona to Nishidai children’s House, and they handed Leona to Uetani.

On 07th September, early morning Uetani and Leona went to Haneda Airport and went into a boarding gate. They flew to Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyusyu.

On 11th, Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office released the temporary protection of Leona.

Leona was confined in Children House in Fukuoka for about 1 month. Takita came to the House and said to Leona;
“If you escape from the House, I will put you and your father into a jail. If you enter the jail, you can’t go out from the jail until you are 18years old.”

And then he was moved to Uetani’s apartment in Fukuoka. Leona was confined in the closet of the apartment. Chan( Uetani’s lawyer ) and Takita came to the apartment about 3 or 4 times. Every day he was in the closet. In the apartment, Leona opposed against Uetani, Chan, and Takita. When Leona opposed them, they hit and kicked him.

One day Uetani said;
“ I know that you want to live with your father.”

Well, Machi( Hara’s girl friend ) called Uetani sometimes. Machi pretended to understand Uetani. Machi asked Uetani to let Leona go to the place that his grandfather( Hara’s father ) lives in. And then Leona went to his grandfather’s home in Oita sometimes.

So, Leona could have a chance to escape from the apartment. One day, Hara and Machi went to Fukuoka. And Leona went to the place that Hara and Machi waited at.

On 20th July of 2009, Leona came back to his father’s home in Tokyo with his father and Machi( Father’s girl friend ).

Leona could come back to his home. But he could not go to school. Because the consultation office in Fukuoka didn’t release the temporary protection of Leona. And Uetani asked police to search for Leona. So Hara, Leona, and Machi moved from Edogawa Ward from Minato Ward in Tokyo. They hide into the place that Uetani could not find. But Leona practiced playing golf every day.
The next part is another story about another family that has suffered by the mistakes made by the Sumida Welfare Consultation Office.

On 18th December of 2009, about ten people went to Mr. and Mrs.Asano’s home in Edogawa Ward to rescue their 2 children. Mr. and Mrs. Aasano had 3 Children that was kidnapped by Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office. When the rescue group went to Mr. and Mrs. Asano’s home( including me, Leona, and Leona’s father ), their daughter was 9 years old and she was a 3grade student of elementary school.

When she was 3years old, one day, Mrs. Asano was very tired and had a cold, and fell asleep on a chair. The daughter made her younger brother drink her mother’s medicine. Soon mother woke up and called an ambulance.

The ambulance went to the hospital, and the doctor notified the Sumida Children welfare Consultation Office. The officers kidnapped 2 Children without evidence of an attempted murder. However, the policeman said;
“ It is not a crime. Mrs. Asano only made a mistake.”

After, Mr. and Mrs. Asano had another baby boy. Also, the Sumida officers took the baby.

But the 3 Children wanted to live with their parents. Every time they met their parents they wept and cried. And said;
“ I want to go back home with my mother”

The oldest child (daughter), and youngest child (brother) are healthy. But the middle child (brother ) has heavy kidney disease and stays in hospital.

So, the parents decided to help 2 children. They took the children to their home in August of 2009. But Sumida Children welfare Consultation Office didn’t release the temporary protection of the children. So, the daughter could not go to school from her home.

So, we, the rescue group went to Asano’s home. There, Mr. and Mrs. Asano and Sumida officers had a meeting.

In the home, directly after the meeting, Leona shouted against the officers;
“You are the kidnappers! You are the kidnappers! You are the kidnappers!”

On 19th December of 2009, (next day), some people came near Hara’s home in Minato Ward.

On 24th December of 2009, Leona was caught by a policeman that came from Fukuoka at about 6:00 PM, and Leona was sent to the temporary protection institution in Shinjuku. Some of rescue members and Hara went to the temporary protection institution and talked with staff of Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office and Fukuoka Policemen about Leona.

The policemen understood the situation and went back to Fukuoka that night. Leona was confined in the temporary protection institution in Shinjuku by Uetani and Sumida Children Welfare Consultation Office.

But, the members of the rescue and Hara went to the temporary protection institution, and protested against the Sumida officers strongly. However, the Sumida officers gave Leona to Uetani.

In the middle of the night, Uetani and Leona got into the taxi in front of the entrance of the temporary protection institution. Then about 10 policemen guarded him.
Uetani and Leona went to Washington Hotel in Shinjuku by taxi.

Uetani began to check in at the counter of the Hotel. And then Leona ran quickly.

Leona escaped from Uetani, again. The father and the son had to be hide again. Shinjuku Police received an arrest warrant against Hara for kidnapping a person under age.

Finally, Hara was arrested by Shinjuku Police, on 18th March of 2010. But Hara did nothing wrong. He was released with nonprosecution. Leona is confined in the children’s house in Fukuoka by Fukuoka Children Welfare Consultation Office and Uetani.

Now Leona is still in Fukuoka. Machi and Mr. Hara got married in April 2010. Leona is 14 years old. An investigator from Tokyo Family Court went to Fukuoka to visit and talk to Leona.

In his report, it says Leona can't go to school because if he does, Leona said he would escape and go back to his father's home. Therefore, the officers of institution don't let Leona go to school.

In March, Mr. Hara organised a court case against Uetani to stop her having parental rights of Leona. However ,the court only listened to their story, and nothing has chainged yet.

After the investigator finishes his report about Leona, these will be another court case in July of 2010.

Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅰ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅱ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅲ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅳ

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