The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now! Ⅴ

2years ago, a wife went to consultation office for women in Yokosuka. The consultant recommeneded her to get a divorce from her husband. But she wanted the adovice to keep good relationship with her husband.

When she came back home, she fall down and lost consciouness. Her doughter called the ambulance and the wife was taken to the hospital.

Next day she was fully consious again. The hospital staff said to her "Please get into the car." She thought the car was belonged to the hospital. But she was brought to the D.V. shelter.

This wife and her husband had 3children. The children welfare offcer called the oldest chiled and told her to come to the children welfare consultation office with other children.

The 3 children went to the office, and they were confined in the office. In the office there is facility of children welfare consultation office for temporary protection.

The wife(children's mother) had counseling and studied D.V, and feminism every day in the shelter. She was forced to get a divorce every day. Ofcours, she was taken up the celphone, wallet, and the "coin puerse. She asked to contact the working place. But Shelter staff didn't permit it.

So, her job was finished.

She didn't want a divorce, but, when she said,
"I don't want a divorce."
the staff said,
"Oh! your husband will kill you someday,"
"Do you want to be a slave of your husband?"

The wife told me,
"I can not tell them anything I wanted to do, they would not listen to me."

She thought,
"I can go back after I say 'I agree to a divorce and make a contact to live in an aptartment, after the divorce.'"

3weeks later, since she was taken away to the shelter, she could go out the shelter. She went for a walk to the realty dealler. When she walked, one of the staff followed closely.

When she was taking steps to make a contract, she could escape.

And then, she called her husband. When they met again, they could take a good relationship again. But, they could find their children.

The husband thought, the children went to the shelter with his wife. The wife asked the womens consultation office, and they knew, the children were taken away by the children welfare office.

I began to campain to rescue the children. The children welfare officers received 300 comlaint fax, mails and telephones, for 3 days.

So, the childrens ware released. This is first time we rescued childrens.
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅱ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅲ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅳ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅴ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅵ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅶ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅷ
The DV Law is Destroying Japanese Families,Now!Ⅸ






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