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The Children Welfare Consultation Offices are Destroying Famillies in Japan, Now !!

Story of Boy Leona Hara Ⅱ

The Following story is told by the waords of "Leona"

20th December of 2007, about 8:15 A.M., Leona Hara was a grade 5 student of Tastumi No.2 Elementary School, and on his way to school, a young woman asked him near the main entrance of the school, " Are you Leona Hara?".

He answered, "Yes, I am."
Well, the woman said, "Follow me".
Then Leona and her walked for about 5 to 6 minutes, and met Nobuyuki Takita( a DV victim's helper) , who was waiting in the car. Leona was quick to think that Takita had come to take Leona away, so Leona ran at full speed the other way.

Why did Leona run away?

Early in April of 2007, Takita came to Tastumi No.2 Elementary School to meet Leona. The vice-principal made Leona come into the meeting room, and Leona met Nobuyuki Takita. Takita ask Leona some questions.

"I'm Nobuyuki Takita. What do you think about your father?"

" I was brought up entirely by my father.".

Which subject do you like? and Which subject don't you like?"

"I like the sports. I like physical education. I don't like Japanese."

"Draw your father's portrait"

Takita had Toyohiko Hara's portrait drawn by Leona, and then left. They talked for 20 to 30 minutes.

In late April of 2007, Takita came to the Elementary School to meet Leona, again. And ask him some more questions.

"Does your father use violence against you?"

"No, he doesn't".

"Does your father cook every day? Do you eat properly every day?"

"Yes, he cooks every day and I can eat properly every day"

"Do you wear fitting clothes? Can you take a bath every day? Are you so happy to live with your father?"

"Yes, I wear fitting clothes, take bath every day, and I am very happy to live with my father."

"Does your father make you go to school?"

"He makes me go to school, therefore, I can talk with you here."

Next time, 10th may of 2007, Takita came to the Elementary School to meet Leona, again

"Your father is a criminal who lost a case a number of times. He kidnapped you, and he use violence on you. I came here to protect you from your father."

"My father doesn't use violence on me, and I live with my father by my will !!."

Takita and Leona had a quarrel , and they shouted at each other. Leona was very angry with Takita and he tried to hit Takita. But, Leona was knock down by Takita.
Leona said,
" Don't come to the school, again!!"

20th December of 2007, about 8:15 A.M., when Leona Hara was talked by the young woman and saw Takita, he swiftly sensed danger. He thought that Takita came to take him away, so, he run at full speed to the other way.

And he saw a man wearing a suit for white-coller workers. Leona run to the man to ask him for help. But, the man was Uetani's lawyer Chan-hannyong and a member of the kidnapping group. Leona was caught by Takita and Chan.

Next, when Leona was forced into the car, he sprained his ankle. Leona's ankle hurt and he could do nothing.

But, Chan put Leona on his knees and press down with his arms. Takita, Chan, Uetani, the young woman, another man, and Leona went to a house in the mountains by car for 4 to 5 hours.

Leona was confined in the room of the house in the mountains and kept away from ordinary society for 1 and a half months in very cold winter on without heating. Takita and Uetani kept watch Leona all the time. Takita gave him only one blanket.

Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅰ
Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅱ
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Story of Boy leona Hara Ⅳ






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